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Planning your wills and trusts can be a daunting task. Contact the Peterson Law Group today for professional, honest legal help.

How can the Peterson Law Group help plan your wills and trusts?

  • Preparing a will
  • Preparing a Living Trust
  • Making sure that your wishes are followed
  • Preparing powers of attorney
  • Giving instructions for your care and your loved ones’ care in the event of disability
  • Planning for children with special needs
  • Planning for your elder years
  • Planning your kids’ inheritance
  • Protecting your kids’ inheritance if your spouse chooses to remarry
  • Protecting your kids’ inheritance in case they later get divorced
  • Protecting your kids’ inheritance from creditors
  • Minimizing or eliminating estate taxes
  • Avoiding probate
  • Long-term medical care and housing options
  • Guardianships for your children
  • Helping parent your parents
  • Estate tax planning strategies
  • Donating money to charity
  • Providing that your death shall not be unnecessarily prolonged by artificial means