Who needs a will?

Death is not usually at the top of the list of things we think about every day, but the importance of having a will cannot be underestimated.  Regardless whether you are married or single or whether you have children, every person over the age of eighteen should have a will.  If you don’t think having a will is important, the state of Texas will dispense your assets according to the laws of intestacy.

Intestacy refers to having died intestate, or without a will.  Every state has laws of intestacy which dictate how your assets will be distributed if you die without a will.  Generally, your spouse, children, parents, and siblings will inherit your estate in that order.  There are no provisions for friends, unrelated romantic partners, or charitable contributions.

Unless you plan to leave your estate to pass by the laws of intestacy, you should contact an experienced Bryan-College Station, Texas estate planning attorney about preparing your will.

If you already have a will, you can put the subject out of your mind except for major life events such as marriage, the birth or death of a child, divorce, or death of your spouse.  These life-changing events could signal a need to change your will.  If nothing big happens in your life for five years, you should still take time to review your will at least every five years to be certain no changes are needed to reflect your wishes.

An experienced Bryan-College Station, Texas estate planning attorney can provide assistance and answer questions related to wills and trusts. Call the Peterson Law Group to make an appointment at 979-703-7014 or 936-337-4681 or fill out our online contact form.

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