What Is a Parenting Plan and Why Do I Need One?

BusHomeUnder Texas law, parents of minor children who get divorced in Texas must propose a plan which sets out the rights and duties of parents, custody, child support and a plan to resolve future disputes, if any. If the parties can’t agree on all the terms of a parenting plan, the judge will consider the evidence and enter a parenting plan for the parties to follow.

If parties are able to communicate effectively, the process of developing a mutual parenting plan can help both parents have a better understanding of which factors are more or less important to the other parent. Having a good lawyer on your side during the process is important. Your lawyer can give you insight into the judge’s tendencies on a particular subject and help you make rational decisions when emotions run high.

We strive in every case to help clients make parenting plans that work for their families, because we believe is always better for parents to craft an agreement to fit their family, rather than being forced to comply with a parenting plan constructed by a judge who does not know the children or the family dynamics.

Nonetheless, we understand that it takes two people behaving reasonably to reach a mutual agreement. When it is impossible to develop a mutual parenting plan with the other parent, we aggressively pursue court approval of a plan which meets your needs and promotes the best interests of your children.

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