Handling A Loved One’s Estate With Probate Attorneys

Upon the death of a loved one, families in Texas must go through probate to settle and disburse the estate. This means the family must have the will of their loved one probated, a process that can be a bit confusing to some. To probate a will, which means to settle the estate, a family should enlist … [Read more...]

Texas Business Laws – Forming A Texas Corporation

A corporation is a type of business, similar to a partnership or sole proprietorship. There are various reasons why a person or group would want to incorporate their Texas-based business, as corporations offer certain legal protections and other important benefits. Forming a Texas corporation … [Read more...]

Estate Planning – How Does This Help Your Loved Ones?

Estate planning is very important for families; however; it is often overlooked until it is too late. Planning a financial estate with the help of estate law attorneys is much more than simply having a Will prepared. With the proper estate planning, the estate holder can rest assured their wealth … [Read more...]

Basic Information You Need To Know About Divorce in Texas

Married couples in Texas who choose to divorce must understand some basic information about the divorce process and what is required for a divorce to be granted. At times, the divorce process can become confusing, so many people choose to work with divorce lawyers to help them. The outcome of a … [Read more...]

Estate Planning Should Include Digital Estate Assets

Estate planning is an essential part of planning for the future that helps ensure that family wealth is properly disbursed and important topics such as elder care, guardianship, and estate control are addressed. Until recently, this was all most people had to worry about. With the rise of the … [Read more...]

What is a Qualified Personal Residence Trust?

A Qualified Personal Residence Trust (“QRPT”) permits you to transfer ownership of your residence to your family during your lifetime but still retain the exclusive right to live in the residence, while reducing the size of your estate for estate tax purposes. This type of trust is specifically … [Read more...]

Three Reasons to Use a Living Trust

Wills are nice to have and they do enable you to give certain possessions and your estate to individual family members after your death.  But if pressed to choose between wills and living trusts, our Kingwood Living Trust Attorneys believe that a living trust is a better option.  A living trust may … [Read more...]

How do Administrators Differ from Executors in Probate?

The roles of administrators and executors are essentially the same. It is the means by which they are chosen that distinguishes the two. If you are working in the capacity of administrator or executor for an estate, it is a good idea to hire a College Station probate attorney. Executors and … [Read more...]

Obtaining Guardianship of a Stepchild

Being a stepparent can become a complicated matter when legal issues regarding the child in question arise. In some cases you may wish to seek legal guardianship. It is important that you hire a Bryan family lawyer when doing so. Guardianship of a Stepchild Because you are not the biological … [Read more...]

Last Wills and Living Trusts

While both a last will and living trust transfer property when you die, they have different uses. It is important that you understand these differences before deciding to set up a living trust. A Bryan probate lawyer can advise you on which may be best suited for your needs. Living Trusts and Last … [Read more...]