Texas Data Breach Notification Law for Businesses

Identity theft_edited-1As a business owner, did you know you’re required to notify clients in the event your business experiences a data breach? Under Texas’ amended data breach notification law, business entities who suspect a data security breach must notify all Texas residents who may be affected by the breach pursuant to Texas law. In addition, business entities must notify non-Texas residents as well, under either Texas law or the law of the non-resident person’s state. See section 521.053 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code.

The amended law is not specifically limited to U.S. residents. Businesses must use caution in deciding whether they must notify non-U.S. residents. The most prudent course of action is to notify every potentially-affected client.

Business entities with customer information stored electronically should make sure their IT people know about the law and have a plan in place to comply with the breach notification requirements if necessary.

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