What Will Be Your Legacy?

It is very normal to wonder who will remember you when you’re gone. Of course, your friends and family will remember you — hopefully, you’ve mended the rough patches over the years and you will be remembered fondly by those closest to you. More importantly, however, there comes a time in life … [Read more...]

Who needs a will?

Death is not usually at the top of the list of things we think about every day, but the importance of having a will cannot be underestimated.  Regardless whether you are married or single or whether you have children, every person over the age of eighteen should have a will.  If you don’t think … [Read more...]

What is a special needs trust in a will?

A third party special needs trust ("SNT"), generally included in a person's will, is a supplemental needs trust established by a person for the benefit of someone who is disabled. In a will, property that would otherwise have been distributed to the disabled beneficiary outright will instead be held … [Read more...]