How to Make Sure Your Heirs Need a Probate Litigation Attorney

We readily admit up front that the title of this article is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. We understand that the last thing you want to do is put your heirs through the anguish of protracted probate litigation – unless deep down you really don’t like them. In a best-case scenario, a skilled estate … [Read more...]

Is a Handwritten Will Valid in Texas?

A handwritten will, known as a holographic will in legal terms, is just as valid as any other type of will, provided certain requirements are met. Though a holographic will indicates by its nature that the testator (the deceased person) did not seek estate planning help from an experienced probate … [Read more...]

What If We Need to Contest a Will in Texas?

Losing a beloved family member or dear friend can be devastating, especially if the death was unexpected. Memorial services may be especially hard to get through, but some comfort can often be found when friends and families come together to share memories, along with grief. In our culture, … [Read more...]

Litigating Disputes in Probate Court

In most cases, the estate or trust administration process goes smoothly. Trustees and estate administrators perform their duties and the beneficiaries don’t have any complaints. In some cases, however, beneficiaries may believe certain matters are not being handled properly and raise the issues to … [Read more...]