What to Expect from a Will Contest in Texas

Losing a loved one is emotionally devastating. It’s normal to be unable to think about anything other than your grief and how to cope with the sudden void in your life. But, if your loved one left a will that seems suspect, or a would-be heir is unhappy with his or her share of the estate, be … [Read more...]

What Do I Have to Prove to Challenge a Will?

We’ve all seen a movie scene where a group of people anxiously await the reading of a will. These scenes typically involve a wealthy decedent and end with someone being left out or receiving a smaller inheritance than anticipated. This scene also happens in everyday life, in estates of all sizes. … [Read more...]

Hollywood Considers Feature Film about Copper Heiress and Her Disputed Estate

It is rare for estate litigation or other probate cases to make the news. Other than the people who stand to inherit from an estate, few others are interested in will contests that might be going on at the county probate court. Empty Mansions One case, however, has made headlines a number of … [Read more...]

Contesting a will in Texas

In the aftermath of a loved one’s passing, one of the many hurdles survivors face is probating the will.  The hurdle can quickly become a mountain if someone decides to contest the will.  Regardless which side of a will contest you find yourself on, you should seek the help of an experienced probate … [Read more...]