I Just Got Married (or Divorced) – Should I Update My Will?

Having a plan for the future gives us peace of mind. Proper planning can help you be financially and legally prepared for both expected and unexpected life events. But having a plan in place doesn’t mean you never have to think about it again. Like most long-term plans, your last will and testament … [Read more...]

How Often Do I Need to Update My Will?

The general rule of thumb is that you should review your will to see if you should update your will every time you experience a significant life event, or at least every ten years. Your will may be perfectly fine the way it is until the next event or decade rolls by, but it’s better to do a periodic … [Read more...]

How often should I update my will?

Oftentimes, significant life events motivate us to see an attorney to have a will drafted. Getting married, the birth of a child or the unexpected loss of a friend or loved one are some of those significant events. But once you get the will and file it away, do you ever think about it? It’s … [Read more...]