Is Probate Necessary for Mom or Dad’s Small Estate?

We’ve devoted several articles lately to distinguishing which assets are considered part of an estate after a person passes away and how to avoid probate for some or all of your assets prior to death. Those questions come up frequently regarding large estates. Today, we are going to switch gears and … [Read more...]

Do I Really Need an Estate Plan?

Although many people think about this question from time to time, a lot of folks dismiss the idea of developing an estate plan for two reasons — they think they don’t have enough money to worry about and they think they have plenty of time to do it later. Both reasons are often incorrect. Why do I … [Read more...]

Probating a Small Estate in Texas

Texas has special rules for probating a small estate if the decedent didn’t own any real estate other than a home and estate contains less than $50,000 in assets. A person’s estate generally includes everything they own at the time of death. For small estate affidavit purposes, the homestead and … [Read more...]