What to Expect from a Will Contest in Texas

Losing a loved one is emotionally devastating. It’s normal to be unable to think about anything other than your grief and how to cope with the sudden void in your life. But, if your loved one left a will that seems suspect, or a would-be heir is unhappy with his or her share of the estate, be … [Read more...]

Part 2 – How to Make Sure Your Heirs Need a Probate Litigation Attorney

In a recent article, we wrote about scenarios that frequently lead to probate litigation. Of course, we realize you don’t want to make sure your heirs turn to litigation, but quite the opposite. Being aware of potential problems, however, lets you plan accordingly to minimize or eliminate disputes … [Read more...]

Is Probate Necessary for Mom or Dad’s Small Estate?

We’ve devoted several articles lately to distinguishing which assets are considered part of an estate after a person passes away and how to avoid probate for some or all of your assets prior to death. Those questions come up frequently regarding large estates. Today, we are going to switch gears and … [Read more...]

Can I Use Arbitration Clauses in Estate Planning?

As a matter of fact, you can include arbitration clauses in trust documents and other estate planning tools. The Supreme Court of Texas in Rachal v. Reitz, 403 S.W.3d 840 (Tex. 2013) held that an arbitration clause in a trust can be enforceable against the trust beneficiaries, as long as the … [Read more...]

As a Beneficiary, Do I Have a Right to Question the Executor?

We receive a number of calls from beneficiaries having problems dealing with executors in probating an estate. Conflicts seem to arise most often when the executor is a step-parent of the beneficiary. These situations can be difficult, but it is important to know that as a beneficiary of an estate, … [Read more...]

What If We Need to Sue a Trustee or Estate Representative in Texas?

The vast majority of trusts are managed properly and most estates are settled and closed out without any problems. Sometimes, however, beneficiaries of a trust or those entitled to inherit from a deceased loved one are short-changed by trustees or estate administrators who don't do their jobs … [Read more...]

What If We Need to Contest a Will in Texas?

Losing a beloved family member or dear friend can be devastating, especially if the death was unexpected. Memorial services may be especially hard to get through, but some comfort can often be found when friends and families come together to share memories, along with grief. In our culture, … [Read more...]

Hollywood Considers Feature Film about Copper Heiress and Her Disputed Estate

It is rare for estate litigation or other probate cases to make the news. Other than the people who stand to inherit from an estate, few others are interested in will contests that might be going on at the county probate court. Empty Mansions One case, however, has made headlines a number of … [Read more...]