What Happens to Property If Someone Dies Without a Will?

When a person dies without a will in Texas, his or her property is distributed according to state laws of intestacy. The word intestacy refers to the decedent being intestate at the time of death, or not having a valid last will and testament. In this series, we’ll discuss intestate distribution and … [Read more...]

What Happens When You Probate a Will in Texas?

When a loved one dies, there are several things that must be done. One of the most important tasks to attend to is your loved one’s will. In Texas, as in most other states, a will must go through probate in order to determine its validity, a process that can take several months or longer. The … [Read more...]

What assets do and do not pass under a will?

In Texas, there are two types of assets - probate and non-probate assets.  Probate assets are assets that pass under a person's will.  Non-probate assets do not pass under the terms of a will, but instead pass under other terms.  For example, non-probate assets may pass under a beneficiary … [Read more...]

Bryan-College Station Probate Attorney Explains Independent Administration

Here, a Bryan-College Station probate attorney will explain general aspects of independent administration, which is a unique aspect ofTexasestate administration law and distinct from dependent administration.   Independent Administration Independent administrators have the same … [Read more...]