What Does an Executor Do after Someone Dies in Texas?

Most people named as an executor in someone’s will fall into one of two categories — either they’ve never served as a personal representative, or they didn’t even know they had been selected for the job. If you fall into one of those categories, or both, don’t despair. While serving as executor of … [Read more...]

Do I Need to Prepare a Letter of Instruction for My Personal Representative?

The majority of people named as personal representatives of a deceased loved one’s estate have never acted in such a capacity before. Another complicating factor can be whether you and your personal representative share a very close relationship. If not, your personal representative may not know … [Read more...]

What Is a Personal Representative’s Job in an Estate in Texas?

When someone in Texas dies, with or without a will, the Texas probate court where the deceased resided has authority to oversee administration of the estate. The person responsible for managing the estate through the probate process is known as the personal representative of the estate. If the … [Read more...]