What Does Community Property Have to do with Estate Administration?

Texas community property rules apply to property owned at the time of a person’s death if the person was married. Many testators who have adult children will name one or more of the children as executors. When a parent has remarried and dies leaving a spouse, the executor’s job can become … [Read more...]

Is a Spouse’s Professional Degree or License Marital Property?

Professional licenses and degrees obtained during the marriage may be divisible as marital property. The court can’t technically divide a degree or license, but spouses can argue that it represents greater earning capacity in the future. If the non-licensed spouse contributed to the licensed or … [Read more...]

Do I Have to Split My Business If We Get Divorced?

In Texas, most property acquired during a marriage is considered community property and must be divided in a divorce as the family law judge deems “just and right.” The general rule is that all marital property is presumed to be community property unless a party can prove otherwise. Property … [Read more...]