Inter Vivos Trust

An inter vivos trust is a trust created while you are alive in contrast to a testamentary trust that is created by the terms of your will upon your death. As your Bryan TX living trust lawyer can tell you, inter vivos trusts serve purposes such as avoidance of probate, management of financial … [Read more...]

Is a Living Trust Right for You?

Clients who want to avoid the probate process and those who want to minimize tax liability may benefit from creating a living trust to transfer property during their lifetimes while still maintaining the use and benefit of the property. What is a living trust A living trust, or inter vivos trust, … [Read more...]

Should I Use a Living Trust to Protect My Property from Probate?

A living trust can be a useful tool for keeping property out of probate if it is used wisely. An effective estate plan may use a living trust to set aside certain property for a certain beneficiary, while preserving the use of the property for yourself during your lifetime. But, transferring … [Read more...]