Why Would I Need a Probate Litigation Attorney?

Attorneys perform all kinds of legal services that don’t involve going to court, including estate planning, real estate practice and many areas of business law, for example. In a perfect world, we’d still need attorneys to take care of those legal matters. In reality, however, as we all know, we … [Read more...]

Getting Guardianship of Minor Children After Someone Dies

Losing a loved one is traumatic for adults, but especially for children who lose their parents. If you are the grandparent, aunt, uncle or other relative of minor children who are orphaned by the death of their parents, you should seek guardianship as soon as possible to care for the … [Read more...]

In Some Custody Cases, Possession Really is Nine-Tenths of the Law

A custody battle involving three states began in December 2012, when Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, who was the mother of his infant daughter. He then drove to the Chiefs’ training facility and took his own life. Belcher’s mother, Cheryl … [Read more...]

Guardianship of Adults in Texas

Like a power of attorney, a court-ordered guardianship allows you to act on behalf of someone else. The protected person is known as the ward and the guardian’s job is to provide or oversee the care and maintenance of the ward. But, unlike a power of attorney, guardianship is granted by the probate … [Read more...]

Who Will Take Care of Your Children If You’re Gone?

The holidays are barely over, so odds are good you saw at least part of the movie, “Christmas Vacation.”  Can you imagine what would have happened if Clark and Ellen Griswold died in an accident with the logging truck?  (Ellen: Clark, I don’t want to spend the holidays dead!)  Would they have wanted … [Read more...]