Who Has the Right to Approve Cremation in Texas?

Under Texas law, cremation is technically defined as the irreversible process of reducing human remains to bone fragments through extreme heat and evaporation, which may include the processing or the pulverization of bone fragments. Sounds pleasant, doesn’t it? Despite its legal description in … [Read more...]

Who Has Authority to Plan a Loved One’s Funeral in Texas?

Besides the looming questions related to managing and settling your loved one’s estate, someone must take up the immediate necessity of planning the funeral or memorial service and accompanying burial, cremation or interment. But what if the family is at odds over the final arrangements? Dealing … [Read more...]

Who Gets to Make Decisions about Funeral Arrangements in Texas?

If the way in which you are buried matters to you, the time to make your wishes known is now. Under Texas law, unless you leave written instructions regarding the disposition of your remains in the form prescribed by law, the following persons, in the priority listed, have the right to make all … [Read more...]