What Should You Include in Your Funeral Instructions? 

The instructions you leave for your final arrangements can be as detailed as you want them to be. You can plan and pay for your funeral well in advance of your death if you choose. Some people have a few special instructions and leave the rest up to the family. Others do not have any specific … [Read more...]

Who Pays for the Funeral in Texas?

This question frequently comes up among family members after a loved one passes away. If you’re lucky, your loved one made plans for final arrangements prior to death and either prepaid the expenses or set aside sufficient funds for that purpose. On the other end of the spectrum, in a worst-case … [Read more...]

Who Has the Right to Approve Cremation in Texas?

Under Texas law, cremation is technically defined as the irreversible process of reducing human remains to bone fragments through extreme heat and evaporation, which may include the processing or the pulverization of bone fragments. Sounds pleasant, doesn’t it? Despite its legal description in … [Read more...]