What Are the Most Important Parts of an Estate Plan?

A last will and testament may be the first thing you think of in terms of estate planning, but other documents are just as important. In addition to a comprehensive will, your estate plan documents should include, at a minimum, a durable power of attorney and an advance directive for health … [Read more...]

How Does Guardianship of an Adult Work in Texas?

There are many situations where you might need to seek legal guardianship of an adult in Texas, such as when your aging parents suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s or another illness which prevents them from handling their personal affairs. Another example could be a mentally disabled child who needs … [Read more...]

Do You Need a Durable Power of Attorney or a Regular Power of Attorney or a Combination of Both?

If you are taking care of future planning and thinking about who will handle your affairs in the event you are absent or incapable of conducting business on your own, you may think a power of attorney can solve your dilemma. In many cases, you would be correct, but the particular type of power of … [Read more...]

What Do I Need for a Comprehensive Estate Plan?

Mention the words “estate planning” and most people think of a will.  That’s the same thing, right?  Not by a long shot, if you want to cover all the bases.  A will does no good if you are temporarily or permanently disabled or incapacitated.  You need additional documents to make sure your wishes … [Read more...]