Can My Business Challenge a City Ordinance?

One of the precarious balancing acts business owners are familiar with is where a business fills a need for goods and services while avoiding negative blowback from the community. Federal and state regulations tend to focus on larger issues, such as fair trade and the environment, but sometimes … [Read more...]

Federal Court Rejects Texas Abortion Clinic Law

Last Friday, a U.S. District Judge in Austin ruled in favor of abortion activists and struck down a Texas law slated to go into effect on Monday, September 1, 2014. The law would have required abortion clinics to meet the same regulatory standards as other ambulatory surgical centers. Federal Judge … [Read more...]

Feds Give Banks the Green Light to Serve Legal Marijuana Businesses

While Texas has not yet legalized medical marijuana, many of the banks operating in Texas also have branches and ATMs in states which do allow marijuana use for medical or recreational purposes. Until recently, banks were stuck between a rock and a hard place when it came to providing banking … [Read more...]

Small Business Strategy – Curtail Legal Problems

Studies in the U.S. and U.K. suggest forty to sixty percent of small businesses have faced significant legal issues in the last two years. The simple fact is that many legal problems can be avoided by taking time to plan before problems escalate. The old adage holds true in a business law scenario — … [Read more...]

Texas Data Breach Notification Law for Businesses

As a business owner, did you know you’re required to notify clients in the event your business experiences a data breach? Under Texas’ amended data breach notification law, business entities who suspect a data security breach must notify all Texas residents who may be affected by the breach pursuant … [Read more...]