How to Get Visitation Rights

The State of Texas considers it to be in the best interests of children to have a continued relationship with both parents unless there is some reason why this would not be appropriate, such as one parent having a history of domestic violence. Even then, visitation may be granted under certain … [Read more...]

Contempt of Divorce Decree

You may think of a contempt charge in terms of criminal proceedings, but it can be applied to any violation of a court order—even to family court matters. The ramifications for violating a divorce decree can be serious; therefore, if you need assistance with a contempt charge you need to hire a … [Read more...]

How Is Alimony Calculated in Texas?

If divorce appears to be looming on the horizon, you may be wondering how much you might be ordered to pay — or may be eligible to receive — in alimony. Unless you and your spouse come to an agreement before your case goes to trial, the issue will be decided by the divorce court. Knowing the rules … [Read more...]

College Station Divorce Lawyer Discusses the Tax Consequences of Divorce

For many divorcing couples, sizable and complex financial transactions are necessary in order to effectuate the dissolution of the marriage. For instance, your College Station divorce lawyer may help you negotiate an agreement wherein you get to keep the marital home but you must buy out your spouse … [Read more...]

A College Station Divorce Lawyer Discusses Valuing the Marital Home during Divorce

One of the most difficult aspects for a divorce lawyer occurs when it comes time to placing a value on the marital home. For one thing, this can be a highly-emotional process for both parties, especially if the plan is to sell the home and split the proceeds. This process is also problematic in the … [Read more...]

Secured and Unsecured Debt in a Divorce

Negotiating a fair division of assets can bring significant conflict during the divorce process. As a College Station divorce lawyer can attest, the issue of dividing debts can be all the more adversarial. However, it is necessary that both secured and unsecured debts are divided properly and … [Read more...]