Going Back to Court for Child Support in Texas

Child support, or the lack thereof, is high on the list of complaints among divorcees. This issue is more likely to lead ex-spouses back to court years after a divorce than custody, visitation or any other issue. The problem usually involves one of three situations: An ex isn’t paying child … [Read more...]

Recent Changes in Texas Child Support Law

Child support change number one The Texas legislature made a change in state child support law, effective September 1, 2013. The amended law specifically excludes non-service-connected disability pension benefits from the payor’s net resources, for purposes of calculating child support. Texas … [Read more...]

Changing Child Support in Texas

In Texas, a payer or a recipient of child support can ask the court to change the amount of child support if the existing order has been in effect for over three years. Technically, a person makes such a request by filing a petition to modify child support in the county that issued the last child … [Read more...]

Bryan-College Station Family Law Attorneys Discuss Modification of Child Support Under Texas Law

Texas family law recognizes that the child support determined in a divorce might need to be revisited when a job loss, an illness, or a child’s special needs require that the amount be changed. The law says that the Texas child support guidelines are presumed to result in an amount of support that … [Read more...]

Bryan-College Station Family Law Attorneys Discuss How Child Support Is Calculated in Texas

Texas, like every other state, has child support guidelines that govern how much child support a noncustodial parent must pay. In Texas, child support is calculated by multiplying the paying parent’s net income by a percentage that is set in the guidelines. Bryan-College Station family law attorneys … [Read more...]