Charitable Giving

Charitable giving is an option to consider if your estate is sizable enough to worry about federal estate taxes, but even if it is worth substantially less your estate may have to pay other kinds of taxes, such as for capital gains. An estate planning lawyer in Bryan will discuss the various options … [Read more...]

What Is a Charitable Remainder Trust and How Does It Work?

A charitable remainder trust is a way to pledge money or other property to your favorite charity during your lifetime, while reserving some peace of mind for yourself. Some notable benefits of setting up a charitable remainder trust are that you get a tax break now and can continue receiving income … [Read more...]

What Will Be Your Legacy?

It is very normal to wonder who will remember you when you’re gone. Of course, your friends and family will remember you — hopefully, you’ve mended the rough patches over the years and you will be remembered fondly by those closest to you. More importantly, however, there comes a time in life … [Read more...]