Bypass Trusts

A trusts lawyer in Montgomery, Texas can work with you to determine your best estate planning options. One device that is used quite often in wills is the bypass trust. This instrument is used to plan long term for the disposition of property in an estate. Its purpose is to prevent what otherwise … [Read more...]

What is a Bypass Trust?

A bypass trust is a long-term asset transfer planning device. If you leave property to someone in the form of a bypass trust, the property in the trust will be subject to estate taxes when you die, but will not be subject to estate taxes when the trust beneficiary dies. Bypass trusts are most often … [Read more...]

What is a “Bypass Trust” in a will?

A bypass trust is an estate planning tool employed by married couples who wish to take advantage of both of their estate tax exemptions, thereby saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal estate taxes.  While the federal estate tax is currently non-existent, it is safe to assume that the … [Read more...]