Can My Business Challenge a City Ordinance?

One of the precarious balancing acts business owners are familiar with is where a business fills a need for goods and services while avoiding negative blowback from the community. Federal and state regulations tend to focus on larger issues, such as fair trade and the environment, but sometimes … [Read more...]

Does Your Contract Contain a Choice of Law Provision?

Virtually all businesses rely on contracts of one kind or another, whether your business is wholesale, retail or service-oriented. Before you send another contract out for signatures, or sign one on behalf of your business, review the paragraphs related to choice of law. Even though these provisions … [Read more...]

Discrimination in a Private Business – Legal or Illegal?

The question is not whether a business can discriminate or not – many do so openly on a regular basis. A women’s fitness center discriminates against men who might want to join, while a well-known golf club in Georgia excludes females altogether. Both of these examples portray gender discrimination. … [Read more...]

Airbnb and the Sharing Economy – Good or Bad for Your Business?

In case you haven’t heard, the notion of the ‘sharing economy’ has graduated from fad status to become a common catchphrase associated with many emerging business models in the United States. Airbnb is one example of a growing business squarely within the sharing economy - which appears to be … [Read more...]

Another Business is Using My Name – Can I Stop Them?

This question sounds simple, but the answer is not simple. Whether you can stop another business from using your existing business name depends on a variety of factors, but boils down to who has the legal right to use the name. Business naming conventions are regulated by Texas law, so it is … [Read more...]

My Business is Being Sued – What Should I Do?

Finding out your business has been named in a lawsuit can come as a shock, particularly if you’ve never been in this situation before. Whether the citation came by certified mail, process server or some other means, the first thing to do is note the date of delivery on your calendar. This date is … [Read more...]