Defending Against Unemployment Claims in Texas

You had to let an employee go and before you turn around you get a notice in the mail that your former employee has filed a claim for unemployment compensation. How do you decide when to fight an unemployment claim and when to let it go without objection? In Texas, the rules are simple. If an … [Read more...]

Another Business is Using My Name – Can I Stop Them?

This question sounds simple, but the answer is not simple. Whether you can stop another business from using your existing business name depends on a variety of factors, but boils down to who has the legal right to use the name. Business naming conventions are regulated by Texas law, so it is … [Read more...]

Business and Labor Unite to Seek Reform on Independent Contractor Issue

Business groups and labor advocacy groups in the Austin area have united in a common goal: Root out construction companies who undercut the competition by cheating. According to the protestors, some construction companies intentionally mislabel workers as independent contractors, rather than … [Read more...]

Texas Court Upholds Strip Club Tax — How Do Excise Taxes Affect Businesses?

A Texas appellate court recently upheld the state’s so-called “pole tax,” a $5.00-per-customer tax imposed on strip clubs. The law was enacted in 2007 and unsuccessfully challenged twice on different grounds. The first appeal challenged the constitutionality of the tax on free speech grounds, but … [Read more...]

Can I Use Any Name for My Business?

When deciding on a name to use for your business, it’s best to come up with several options in case you can’t legally use your first choice. The Texas Business Organizations Code states that a new business can’t use a name that is the same or deceptively similar to an existing Texas business or a … [Read more...]