What Happens to Your Business When You Get Divorced?

Being successful in business means taking calculated risks, working hard and filling a need in the marketplace. Unfortunately, business success doesn’t always go hand in hand with marriage success. In fact, it is not unusual for clients to tell us that one or both spouses working too much … [Read more...]

A Bryan Family Law Attorney Discusses the Judicial Settlement Conference

A divorce proceeding is typically wrought with conflict and disagreement between the parties, which usually makes for several unproductive attempts to work out issues like custody, property division and spousal support. Texas maintains a settlement option known as the judicial settlement conference … [Read more...]

Determining Which Parent Gets Custody of Children

Perhaps no other matter in a divorce is more important that custody of the children. One may assume that the mother has automatic priority; however, while this may have been true at one time, nowadays both parents have an equal right in Texas to seek custody. Given that custody can be difficult to … [Read more...]