Why Factoring Long-Term Care Into Your Estate Plan Pays Off

For most people, thinking about estate planning means focusing on what will happen to their money after they pass away. But that misses one pretty significant consideration: the need to plan for long-term care. The last thing any of us want to contend with when a health issue arises later in life … [Read more...]

Joint Wills

Joint wills are not commonly used or even known about, but in certain circumstances they can be useful. A joint will is usually created by spouses together; as the name implies, indeed, this type of legal instrument cannot be set up by and for one individual. A Bryan estate planning attorney can … [Read more...]

Can I Use Arbitration Clauses in Estate Planning?

As a matter of fact, you can include arbitration clauses in trust documents and other estate planning tools. The Supreme Court of Texas in Rachal v. Reitz, 403 S.W.3d 840 (Tex. 2013) held that an arbitration clause in a trust can be enforceable against the trust beneficiaries, as long as the … [Read more...]