Tax Issues in Divorce

Divorces are often quite complicated. If a couple has been married for any length of time, they have acquired assets and built a life around the relationship. Among the more overlooked matters that need to be addressed in the divorce are tax implications. Your Bryan divorce attorney can provide you … [Read more...]

How Does Divorce Work?

Each state has its own rules for divorce. If you live in Texas and plan to divorce in this state, you must abide by the state laws which govern how divorces work. When couples marry, generally they merge all aspects of their lives—bank accounts, earnings, furnishings and other assets. Add to this … [Read more...]

How to Win Custody

Texas family laws generally assume that it is in the best interests of a child to reside with both parents when they divorce. Since these interests are of paramount importance in all decisions rendered by the family court, you will need to show from the outset why your winning custody will most … [Read more...]

What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

Because of the extremely personal nature of marital relationships, divorce is often a messy and divisive business. However, sometimes both parties are able to put aside the hurt and come to a mutual agreement upon the main issues of the divorce. When this occurs, an uncontested divorce is possible. … [Read more...]