Who Has Authority to Plan a Loved One’s Funeral in Texas?

Besides the looming questions related to managing and settling your loved one’s estate, someone must take up the immediate necessity of planning the funeral or memorial service and accompanying burial, cremation or interment. But what if the family is at odds over the final arrangements? Dealing … [Read more...]

Is a DNR the Same as a Living Will in Texas?

A DNR, or do not resuscitate order, is not the same thing as a living will. Essentially, a DNR is a directive noted in the medical chart by your attending physician after consulting with you or your legal representative. Ideally, a physician only takes instructions from your legal representative if … [Read more...]

What Is Estate Planning and Why Do I Need It?

Estate planning is not just for the old and wealthy. Even if you are young and have just a few assets, an estate plan can help minimize taxes, provide for yourself and loved ones and ultimately distribute property according to your wishes when you’re gone. As your wealth grows, you can adjust your … [Read more...]