Storing Your Will

After executing their wills, clients of our College Station estate planning firm often ask us where to keep them. You should keep the original of your will in a safe location where your executor or beneficiaries can easily find it after your death.

There are several good options for you to consider:

•· You may decide to store your will in your home with your other important papers. In this case, you may want to invest in a fire-proof and water-proof safe to protect your papers from theft and destruction. If you put your papers in a safe, be sure to leave the combination with someone you know and trust.

•· Another possibility is a safe deposit box at your local bank branch. If you choose this location, make sure to let your executor and named alternates know the name and location of your bank and the number of your box. It’s also important to make arrangements with officials at the bank to allow your executor access to the box after your death. Otherwise, the bank might refuse to open the box for your executor.

•· For a modest fee, you can deposit the original of your will with the clerk of the county where you reside. Bear in mind that the clerk has no obligation to notify your executor or beneficiaries that he or she has your will when you die. You must tell your executor and beneficiaries that you have deposited your will with the clerk so they will be able to claim it on your death.

No matter where you choose to store your will, the most important thing to do is tell your executor and beneficiaries where you are keeping the will so it can be located following your death.

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