Does the State of Texas Get All of My Assets If I Die without a Will?

texas intestate probateIf you die without a will in Texas, your property will pass according to the rules of intestate succession. This means your heirs will inherit your property according to their relationship to you. If you have no living heirs and die without a will, then the estate may escheat to the state, which essentially means the state of Texas becomes the rightful owner of your property.

In Texas, the rules of intestate succession vary depending on whether property is characterized as community property or separate property. It also depends on whether you have a surviving spouse, and whether all of your children are also the children of your surviving spouse.

Whose job is it to distribute property?

Any one of your living heirs or another interested party may petition the probate court for authority to administer your estate if you die without a will. The administrator must take reasonable steps to indentify all potential living heirs and inventory estate assets. Creditors of the estate will have an opportunity to make claims for money owed. After allowable claims have been paid, your property will be distributed to your heirs according to applicable Texas law.

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