Qualifying for Medicaid: Conroe Elder Law Attorney explains

Medicaid is unique among most federal programs because it is a joint venture with the state, and under Texas management. Medicaid eligibility in Conroe, Texas is not automatic once a person reaches a certain age or degree of disability. Rather, it is based mostly on income. It is by nature designed to help those who are of low-income.

Requirements in a Nutshell

Not all recipients of Medicaid are elderly. Disabled, those with special needs, children and non-seniors with low incomes are also eligible. A full 70% of those who receive benefits are at or near the poverty line, as the Texas Health and Human Services Commission reports. Indeed, Medicaid eligibility in Conroe, Texas is based largely upon income and/or assets.


To determine whether your income and/or assets affect Medicaid eligibility in Conroe, Texas you should speak with an attorney. Each year the amount one can make to remain eligible adjusts upward in order to at least partially take into account inflation.

Temporary assistance for needy families is available automatically provided evidence is offered that substantiates that one meets the income requirements. Women who are pregnant and newborn children are eligible as well provided that the income does not exceed 185% of the poverty line.

Special Needs and Dual Eligibility

Texas is in the small group of states that does not supplement the federal government’s Social Security Supplemental Security Income (SSI) with funds from state coffers. Special needs individuals, however, are automatically eligible for Medicaid.

In some cases a person who is receiving Medicare can also get Medicaid. Dual eligibility is useful, especially considering Medicare really only pays a fraction of the costs an individual who has entered a nursing home must pay. Rather stringent income limits do apply, however, in order to qualify a person for dual eligibility.

People rarely plan for the time when they will become infirm and must enter a nursing facility. As unpleasant as such a notion is to contemplate, it is important to have a plan in place so that one can both receive Medicaid and protect assets.

If You Need Legal Assistance or Have Questions

If you need assistance with setting up a trust or have questions about Medicaid eligibility in Conroe, Texas and the surrounding communities, an elder law attorney at Peterson Law Group will be happy to meet with you. Call 936-337-4681 today.

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