What Is Probate?

what is probateProbate is a term used often in estate matters, but many individuals are not quite clear on just what probate is, or what it entails. If a loved one has passed and you are concerned about the probate process, a probate attorney in Conroe can help. The following provides a general background on what is involved in probate.

Probate Defined

To gain a clear understanding of what probate is, it may be beneficial to consider how it relates to, and differs from, estate planning. A probate attorney in Conroe may help a creator with planning strategies to ensure that the assets of the estate go to the appropriate beneficiaries, take full advantage of investment opportunities, and avoid estate taxes as much as possible. Once the individual passes, the estate will is probated by the court.

The probate court has a dual purpose: to provide judicial determination that the will of the deceased is valid and is his final dispositive statement, and to determine how the estate is to be divided should no valid will exist.

Probate and Executors

The will of the decedent will usually name an individual who is to administer the estate. The executor, then, executes the wishes of the deceased as expressed in the will. This includes distributing estate assets, payment of estate taxes, reporting to the probate court expenditures, etc. If the decedent fails to name an executor, the probate judge will make this determination.

As should be evident, the more complete and recent a will is, the better it will ultimately serve the creator’s purposes later.

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