What If We Need to Sue a Trustee or Estate Representative in Texas?

ToughThe vast majority of trusts are managed properly and most estates are settled and closed out without any problems. Sometimes, however, beneficiaries of a trust or those entitled to inherit from a deceased loved one are short-changed by trustees or estate administrators who don’t do their jobs properly.

Common claims in probate litigation

Some of the problems with trust or estate administration which can arise include:

  • Mishandling trust or estate assets
  • Failing to protect assets with adequate security or insurance
  • Failing to distribute funds in a timely manner
  • Managing trust or estate property contrary to the beneficiaries’ best interests

We gather evidence to get to the bottom of the issue

Some conflicts might simply be caused by differences in interpreting language in the trust document or last will and testament. Regardless of which side of the dispute you find yourself on, seek the advice of an experienced probate litigation attorney. At Peterson Law Group, we know the types of evidence needed to support or defend against a claimed breach of fiduciary duty.

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About Chris Peterson

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