Locating the Assets of an Estate After Someone Dies

texas-limited-liability-companyWe recently discussed the importance of protecting and preserving the assets of an estate when you’ve been appointed to fulfill the role of executor in a friend or loved one’s will. In this article, we will talk about where you should begin looking for and collecting the assets of the estate.

Think like an auditor

If you were an auditor looking for assets, where would you begin? If you have never acted as an executor before, you should first think about getting an experienced probate attorney to help you through the process. One of the first steps in preparing an inventory list is going through the decedent’s personal effects to find documents and records such as:

  • Bank statements
  • Checkbooks
  • Tax returns
  • Insurance policies
  • Asset appraisals
  • Business records, including accounts receivable
  • Securities and other investment statements
  • Deeds, mortgages, and notes held by the deceased
  • Information as to jewelry, art, collectibles and other valuables

If your deceased friend or relative left a letter of instruction, you have a considerable advantage in preparing an accurate inventory list. But, even with a letter of instruction, you should go through the decedent’s records to be sure all assets are included on your inventory list.

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