Litigating Disputes in Probate Court

ToughIn most cases, the estate or trust administration process goes smoothly. Trustees and estate administrators perform their duties and the beneficiaries don’t have any complaints. In some cases, however, beneficiaries may believe certain matters are not being handled properly and raise the issues to the probate court. If you find yourself on either side of a dispute of this nature, you need a reliable probate litigation attorney on your side to explain the process and protect your best interests.

When disputes arise, they are often based on a claim that a trustee or an estate representative breached the fiduciary duties owed to the estate. Fiduciary duties essentially mean the trustees and executors must put their own interests aside and act with complete honesty and integrity in matters affecting the estate.

Sometimes, conflicts are the simply caused by unclear language in the trust document or last will and testament. The representative interprets the will or trust one way, while the beneficiary reads it another way.

Other times, trustees and executors make poor decisions and even commit fraud with trust or estate funds. Some probate litigation matters we handle are:

  • Mishandling assets in a trust or estate
  • Failing to provide asset protection
  • Failing to distribute funds in a timely manner
  • Denying payments to beneficiaries for personal benefit
  • Conducting affairs in conflict with beneficiaries’ best interests

We represent clients on either side of trust and estate disputes. If you are facing probate litigation, we can help. We gather evidence to support your claim, including bank records, property records, tax returns, invoices and other financial records to present to the probate court to prove your claim or bolster your defense. Contact an experienced Bryan, Texas estate planning attorney at the Peterson Law Group to discuss your case develop a strategy to meet your goals. To schedule a consultation, call us today at 979-703-7014.

About Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson is an attorney and the owner and founder of Peterson Law Group, a Texas law firm with offices in Bryan/College Station and Kingwood. He mainly practices in the areas of Estate Planning and Business Planning. Chris is also a Certified Estate Planner. Besides his law practice, Chris is a serial entrepreneur and community volunteer. He is known for his cutting edge law practice that utilizes technology to deliver efficient, excellent work.