Is a Spouse’s Professional Degree or License Marital Property?

CollegeProfessional licenses and degrees obtained during the marriage may be divisible as marital property. The court can’t technically divide a degree or license, but spouses can argue that it represents greater earning capacity in the future.

If the non-licensed spouse contributed to the licensed or degreed spouse obtaining the achievement, then the non-licensed spouse may be entitled to a division of the increased earnings the license or degree is expected to generate.

One way to demonstrate the value of a license or degree in a divorce trial is by presenting expert testimony. Certified public accountants or business appraisers can compare the licensed spouse’s average earnings before the license or degree was obtained with the expected earnings after the degree or license.

Courts vary widely in how much value, if any, they assign to the non-licensed spouse. Consult with a knowledgeable Bryan-College Station or Conroe divorce attorney to learn more about marital property divisions in Texas.

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