Guardianship of Adults in Texas

handandlifesavercropLike a power of attorney, a court-ordered guardianship allows you to act on behalf of someone else. The protected person is known as the ward and the guardian’s job is to provide or oversee the care and maintenance of the ward. But, unlike a power of attorney, guardianship is granted by the probate court. A person can voluntarily grant a power of attorney, but only a judge can approve a guardianship petition.

In most cases of adult guardianships, a relative of the ward makes an application to the probate court for guardianship. The ward may be very sick or disabled and in need of care and supervision.

Guardianships can be temporary or indefinite, depending on whether the probate judge believes the person is going to get better.

Guardians are generally responsible to the protected person for:

  • Deciding where the protected person lives
  • Making sure the protected person’s basic needs are met, including food, clothing and comfort
  • Making decisions about the protected person’s health care, rehabilitation and treatment
  • Maintaining the protected person’s property and personal possessions with reasonable care
  • Making some financial decisions for the  protected person, if he or she doesn’t have a conservator
  • Advocating for the protected person’s rights

When a family member or close friend depends on you for care, start the guardianship application process as soon as possible. We prepare your for case and represent you through the probate court process. We also offer guidance if questions arise during your service as a guardian. Contact an experienced Bryan, Texas probate attorney at the Peterson Law Group. Call 979-703-7014 today to schedule a consultation.

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