Experienced Bryan-College Station Family Law Attorney Suggests Some Guidelines for Contact Visits

Divorce can be very difficult for spouses, but for the children, it can be no less than traumatic. They need a great deal of reassurance at this time, and should be given the opportunity to spend time with both parents, if appropriate. Your Bryan-College Station, Texas family lawyer can help you work out the details of visitation, but the following guidelines are useful to know.

The Children Come First

It is very important that your children’s welfare be the highest priority. Sometimes the emotional needs of the children are forgotten in the drama of separation and divorce. If you are finding it difficult to work with your spouse on contact visits, your Bryan-College Station, Texas family lawyer can help you or direct you to a professional.

Parental Contacts

The key to parental contacts is having a schedule. Children need structure, and, under normal circumstances, thrive on frequent, continuing contact with both parents:

  • Contacts should be pleasant. When children are picked up or dropped off, try to put aside any animosity you feel toward the other parent.
  • Children should have both recreation and responsible time in both homes. Plan laundry, grocery shopping, and other matters for the visitations, along with trips to the park or beach.
  • Develop new traditions with the children. Create memories. Begin a stamp collection that you and the children can work on together.
  • Keep calendars at each home, and have them in the same place, such as on the refrigerator door. Highlight the calendar to reflect times with each parent, using different colors.

For Information or Assistance

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