Don’t Text It Unless You Mean It and You Want the World to Know It

iPhoneDigital communication, including texts, took first place as our primary means of social communication ahead of old-fashioned phone calls several years ago. Considering the number of texts we send in the U.S. — estimated to be more than 6 billion per day — it’s easy to forget text messages amount to written communication. Written communication is easier to preserve and prove in court than spoken words.

Most of us remember the media coverage of the Tiger Woods texting scandal, along with many other celebrity texting scandals where text messages went from seemingly private communications to the front page news.

For the rest of us non-celebrities, our texts probably won’t make the news. But, they could definitely make an appearance in divorce court. Legally-obtained text messages can be used against your spouse or against you by your spouse if circumstances warrant it.

All of your text messages are stored for some length of time on your cellular provider’s servers. The length of time old texts are available varies among providers, but your provider’s history may go back a lot further than you think. Then there’s the chance of a jaded lover forwarding the messages to a cheating spouse’s husband or wife.

Getting hold of the text messages may be the tricky part and can be affected by who is paying for the account, including whether the account is paid with marital funds.

If you are facing a divorce and know about text messages than can help you or hurt you, contact an experienced family law attorney today to find out your options for getting the text messages into — or out of — court.

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