Devising a Parenting Plan for Adolescent and Teenage Children

As any Conroe Texas family law attorney can attest, the best thing divorcing parents can do for their children is remain a united front for purposes of parenting, including consistent discipline and equal parenting time. While each age group has its challenges, shepherding adolescents and teenagers through the divorce process can be especially harrowing. To ensure a positive outcome for your children, make sure to work closely with your ex-spouse on a parenting plan that will communicate love and devotion to your children despite the dissolution of the marital relationship.

Conquering Peer Pressure

Children of this age group are especially susceptible to peer pressure and are more eager to spend time with friends than family. Especially in the wake of a divorce, children may feel more apt to succumbing to the pressures of middle and high school and may begin acting out. Adolescents and teenagers have little self-awareness of their judgment, conscience or fear of certain activities and may begin dabbling in drugs, alcohol, truancy or promiscuity.

Parents facing this situation must regularly communicate and inform one another about the individuals with whom the children are spending time. If a certain peer group presents the child with risk-taking behavior, parents must unite together to disallow the child to spend time with those individuals and must implement consistent and thorough discipline. Children will immediately recognize inconsistent parenting and will begin to manipulate the “easier” parent to allow the child to participate in potentially harmful activities.

Don’t Over-Do It

Parents should avoid over-sheltering their children and allow them to meet new friends and resort to others for support during the divorce. Social development is at its peak for this age group and parents should make an effort to get to know their kids’ friends so as to build a trusting relationship. Parents should always maintain close supervision, but should give their children a chance to have fun amidst the family transition.

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