Dealing with the IRS as a Personal Representative of an Estate

1040 FormOne of the first things you should do if you’ve never served as the personal representative of an estate before is consult with an experienced Texas probate lawyer. The costs of legal services related to your duties is most likely payable from estate funds, but even if it isn’t, the cost of a consultation can more than pay for itself in terms of stress and anxiety relief for you.

An important point you may learn during your legal consultation or in information provided to you by your attorney is that you need to notify the Internal Revenue Service of your status as personal representative for the estate of the deceased. Certain tax forms need to be prepared on behalf of the estate, regardless of whether probate is required, and notifying the IRS of your status can facilitate quicker communication between you.

The estate will also need its own federal taxpayer identification number, or EIN. Depending on whether you have obtained an EIN online before, you may be able to conveniently get an EIN for the estate online. Otherwise, you can apply for an EIN by telephone, fax or regular mail.

A probate attorney can take care of these steps for you and advise you through other obligations you have as a personal representative throughout the estate administration process.

If you need help carrying out your duties as a personal representative, call an experienced probate attorney at the Peterson Law Group. Our experienced Conroe, Texas attorneys help clients navigate all aspects of the probate process. Call us at 936-337-4681 or 979-703-7014 or contact us online to arrange an appointment.


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