A Conroe Divorce Lawyer Discusses Preparing Children for Divorce

Preparing Children for DivorceThe only thing more difficult than enduring a divorce is enduring a divorce with children.  Children go through a variety of emotional responses upon learning of their parents’ break-up, and responses may vary depending upon the child’s age.

If you are contemplating divorce or are already divorced and considering a change to your custody and visitation arrangement, a Conroe divorce lawyer can help you better understand not only the legal side of the transaction, but also the sensitive issues that accompany any change in family dynamics.

The Sensitive Needs of Children during Divorce
Your divorce lawyer has experienced divorces involving all types of families. Some divorcing couples do not have children or have adult children, while most others are forced to navigate the process with very young school-age or even preschool-age kids. Your lawyer will reiterate time and again that the best thing you can do for your children during this process is remain calm and collected when interacting with the other parent, and never bad-mouth or belittle the other parent in front of the children.

All too often parents become embroiled in this type of behavior, which can eventually lead to claims of parental alienation by the opposing party – a course of conduct which greatly displeases family court judges. The children are left feeling alienated, themselves. To make matters worse, they often come to believe that they, themselves, are somehow to blame for the difficulties between the parents. It is very important to be reassuring toward the children, give them your time, encouragement, and support, and help them to understand that they will be okay.

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