What Are Some Restrictions on Naming Executors?

The position of executor to a will carries a great deal of responsibility. While you may wish to name a particular person to this task in your will, the probate court may find the individual unsuitable. You should consider working with Kingwood estate attorneys when you set up your will and name the … [Read more...]

Collateral Heirs

An heir is a person who is entitled to inherit a portion of the estate of the decedent. Heirship can become somewhat complicated when the decedent dies without a will. In any case where a will does not exist or does exist but must be probated, it is useful to hire a Kingwood estate lawyer to assist … [Read more...]

Termination of a Testamentary Trust

Many types of trusts exist, but a feature common to most of them is that they allow the estate to avoid probate. Testamentary trusts are unique among trusts, and whether they can be terminated or not depends upon timing. If you wish to set up a testamentary trust or terminate one you may want to … [Read more...]

What Is the Difference between a Power of Attorney and Executor of a Will?

The person who is granted power of attorney and the executor of a will serve very different functions. Indeed, while both are generally appointed by the principal, one serves before and the other after the death of the will’s creator. Kingwood estate lawyers can help you appoint a power of attorney … [Read more...]

Pets and Inheritance

Many people hold their pets in such high regard as to consider them a part of the family. If you have a pet that you want to ensure is provided for after your death, you cannot do so through a will. Kingwood estate lawyers can help you arrange a means of providing for your dog, cat or other … [Read more...]

Who Has Legal Standing to Contest a Will?

You may feel that you have justification for contesting a will, but only in certain instances will you be legally entitled to do so. If you have questions about your legal standing in such a case, consult your Bryan estate attorney. Contesting a Will A will contest challenges the last will and … [Read more...]

Testamentary Capacity and Medication

Very often when a will contest is made, the issue of testamentary capacity is cited as the reason. Whether testamentary capacity is affected by a medication taken by the testator at the time the will was written can be difficult to prove, and you should consider working with a Kingwood estate … [Read more...]

Heir of a Deed

When a property owner dies, the will generally dictates who will inherit any real property. If you believe that you were a rightful heir but were excluded from the will, you will need to challenge the will in probate court. Proving that you are the heir of a deed in such a challenge can be … [Read more...]

How to Set Up a Trust Fund

A trust fund can help avoid probate and also give you greater control on how and when your assets will be distributed after you die. It is important that you work with Kingwood  estate lawyers to ensure that you create a trust that is in accordance with Texas laws. Revocable and Irrevocable … [Read more...]

When Not to Probate a Will

While the probate process can be frustrating and lengthy, it is important that a will be probated properly. It is unusual for a will to not need probate, but it can happen. Your Bryan probate lawyer can discuss with you ways in which to accomplish this, if you feel strongly that it is … [Read more...]