Financing Commercial Real Estate

When you decide to purchase real property for your business, it is important to have a clear understanding of what is necessary before you proceed. Preparedness is the key to a successful real estate purchase. Because the purchase of commercial property can be a complex matter, you should strongly … [Read more...]

Check for Easements When Buying Property

It is important that you determine whether any easements exist on real property that you intend to purchase. Easements are very common, and the existence of one does not necessarily mean that you should not buy the property, or that its value is thereby diminished. You do need, however, to know … [Read more...]

Real Estate Acquisitions

As a business owner or investor, acquiring real estate is a significant decision that needs to be handled with care and with consideration to the financial implications. A College Station real estate attorney will provide you with specialized legal representation that is geared to the nature of the … [Read more...]

What Is a Title Search?

The title search is a very important part of any sale of property or mortgage. Lenders almost universally require a title search, which is an examination of records kept at your county office to determine the title history of the property in question. Your real estate attorney in College Station can … [Read more...]

Sales and Leasebacks

A sale and leaseback is an arrangement made between two parties for one to purchase a property and immediately lease it back to the seller. Such transactions are commonly used with commercial real estate, though they have even involved countries. For instance, the United States entered into a … [Read more...]

What Is a Deed to a House?

A deed to a house transfers certain property rights in a real estate transaction. They are composed of several elements, as will be seen. When you purchase a home with a loan, you do not receive the deed to the house. This is retained by the mortgage holder; instead, you receive a document … [Read more...]

What Do Real Estate Lawyers Do?

A real estate lawyer can be integral to the purchase or sale of your property. When you are involved in a real estate transaction you are involved with the largest single purchase most people ever make, and you want to make sure that everything is in order and handled properly. A College Station … [Read more...]

Can I Lose My Land Through Adverse Possession in Texas?

Myths abound about various aspects of Texas law, but this one is no myth. A person who trespasses and uses another person’s land without the owner’s permission may eventually become the owner of that land if certain criteria are met. Keep this in mind if a neighbor is encroaching on your property or … [Read more...]

Solving Boundary Line Disputes in Texas

As the old saying goes, good fences make good neighbors. When it comes to keeping your animals from roaming or keeping your neighbor’s dog out, the saying rings true. But what if your neighbor builds his fence too close to the boundary line for comfort? Or worse – encroaches on your property with … [Read more...]

What Do Crowdfunding and Commercial Real Estate Have in Common?

Don’t feel bad if you’ve heard of crowdfunding, but you’re not really sure what it means. Many of us in the throes of balancing careers and families have little time to keep up with all the latest trends. In this article, we’ll give you a short definition of crowdfunding and explain its potential in … [Read more...]