Handling A Loved One’s Estate With Probate Attorneys

Upon the death of a loved one, families in Texas must go through probate to settle and disburse the estate. This means the family must have the will of their loved one probated, a process that can be a bit confusing to some. To probate a will, which means to settle the estate, a family should enlist … [Read more...]

Tracking an Inheritance

At times a decedent may pass without leaving information about the location of important documents related to the will. If the occurs, you may want to work with a Kingwood  probate lawyer to assist with tracking the inheritance. Why Would This Happen? We all lead busy lives and often what may seem … [Read more...]

Does a Will Supersede Medicaid Rules?

Medicaid and its related programs provide medical coverage to approximately four million Texas residents. The basis of Medicaid is that the individual is of very low income. However, your Bryan probate attorneys will tell you that if the recipient has assets at his death, Medicaid has the right to … [Read more...]

Paying Medical and other Bills from an Estate

The heirs of an estate are generally entitled to anything that is designated in the will for them. However, when the testator died in debt, bills may need to be paid before heirs receive anything from the estate. It is a good idea to work with a College Station probate lawyer if you are having … [Read more...]

How Long Do I Have to Contest a Will?

The matter of contesting wills is rather complicated, and depends upon a number of factors. The statute of limitations in Texas varies with the nature of the will contest. Your Bryan probate attorneys can help you if you are having a difficult time disputing a will, but the following provides you … [Read more...]

Can an Executor Live out of State?

In Texas it is possible for an executor to live out of state, but this makes for a process that can be very complicated. You may wish to consider someone living in the state to assume the role, but if you are insistent that the out-of-state individual is best suited for the role, consult your Bryan … [Read more...]

What Is Ancillary Probate?

Probate can be a lengthy and complicated process. In some cases it may take over a year to completely probate an estate.  It is important that you work closely with a College Station probate attorney if you need ancillary probate. How Ancillary Probate Becomes Necessary If you own real estate or … [Read more...]

How Soon Must You File Probate?

The State of Texas imposes a statute of limitations on filing probate after a person’s death. However, generally an executor will want to file much sooner than this time because certain assets in the estate can be lost, such as a family home, if payments are not regularly made. If you are filing … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Problems as a Trustee

Assuming the role of trustee is a large responsibility, and you expose yourself to the possibility of legal problems if you are not careful. When a person is named trustee, this means that he or she is regarded highly and considered to have a great deal of integrity. You will need to have help as … [Read more...]

Challenging a Will

Generally speaking, it is very difficult to successfully challenge a will. Only about 1% of wills become tied up in probate because of a legal challenge to their validity. Since the decedent is not alive to state his intentions regarding distribution of the estate, the will is seen as the voice of … [Read more...]