Can My Business Challenge a City Ordinance?

One of the precarious balancing acts business owners are familiar with is where a business fills a need for goods and services while avoiding negative blowback from the community. Federal and state regulations tend to focus on larger issues, such as fair trade and the environment, but sometimes … [Read more...]

Can I Lose My Land Through Adverse Possession in Texas?

Myths abound about various aspects of Texas law, but this one is no myth. A person who trespasses and uses another person’s land without the owner’s permission may eventually become the owner of that land if certain criteria are met. Keep this in mind if a neighbor is encroaching on your property or … [Read more...]

Does Your Contract Contain a Choice of Law Provision?

Virtually all businesses rely on contracts of one kind or another, whether your business is wholesale, retail or service-oriented. Before you send another contract out for signatures, or sign one on behalf of your business, review the paragraphs related to choice of law. Even though these provisions … [Read more...]

What to Expect from a Will Contest in Texas

Losing a loved one is emotionally devastating. It’s normal to be unable to think about anything other than your grief and how to cope with the sudden void in your life. But, if your loved one left a will that seems suspect, or a would-be heir is unhappy with his or her share of the estate, be … [Read more...]

Solving Boundary Line Disputes in Texas

As the old saying goes, good fences make good neighbors. When it comes to keeping your animals from roaming or keeping your neighbor’s dog out, the saying rings true. But what if your neighbor builds his fence too close to the boundary line for comfort? Or worse – encroaches on your property with … [Read more...]

Discrimination in a Private Business – Legal or Illegal?

The question is not whether a business can discriminate or not – many do so openly on a regular basis. A women’s fitness center discriminates against men who might want to join, while a well-known golf club in Georgia excludes females altogether. Both of these examples portray gender discrimination. … [Read more...]

Who Decides Where an Estate Is Probated?

Every state has rules dictating where an estate may be probated if a person dies within the state, and Texas is no exception. Under Texas law, an estate may be probated in the county where the deceased resided if he or she lived in Texas. If a person died in Texas but lived elsewhere, the person’s … [Read more...]

Should I Agree to a Contract for Deed Arrangement to Buy or Sell in Texas?

A contract for deed is one way to sell property to a buyer who doesn’t have the money to pay cash and who can't or chooses not to obtain traditional financing. It is a bit riskier for the seller, especially if you are relying on the buyer to make payments so you can, in turn, make payments on the … [Read more...]

What Is an Owelty of Partition and When Would I Need One?

In a recent article, we discussed how property gets divided if one or more co-owners want out. If the co-owners can’t agree on a solution, one of the co-owners can file a partition action to ask the court to divide the property fairly or order the property to be sold and the proceeds divided if the … [Read more...]

How Can I Get Property Divided In Texas?

Owning a parcel of real estate or other property with one or more co-owners is fine as long as all of the owners are happy in that situation. When one person becomes unhappy, however, or simply wants to liquidate the asset, there are basically two ways out – either by agreement between the owners or … [Read more...]