Filing for Divorce during a Bankruptcy

Both divorce and bankruptcy can be very complicated and difficult. Putting them together can cause some significant problems. That said, it is not impossible to go through both processes at the same time. It is important, though, that you work with a very strong Bryan bankruptcy attorney who also … [Read more...]

Can an Annulment Be Contested?

An annulment differs from a divorce in that it effectively renders a marriage as having never existed. The circumstances under which you can seek an annulment are very limited, but the respondent always has the right to contest the annulment. If you are seeking to contest an annulment it is … [Read more...]

How Should I Prepare for the First Meeting with My Divorce Attorney?

The first meeting with your attorney is similar to an interview in many ways. Both of you will be assessing each other with the ultimate aim of determining whether to take the case. The following are some things you can expect from this important initial meeting. Setting a Tone Lawyers are people, … [Read more...]

What Is the Difference between a Contested and Uncontested Divorce?

When a couple decides that their marriage is no longer viable, they have the option of either an uncontested or contested divorce. Because a divorce can be very costly and complicated, it is a good idea to work with a College Station  family law attorney. Contested Divorce Divorce is generally … [Read more...]

Who Has to Pay Child Support?

Child support orders are among the most basic and important aspects of a divorce. Support is generally granted to one parent and paid by the other for the benefit of the children when it is decided that they will not seek joint custody. A Bryan divorce lawyer can help you with determining child … [Read more...]

At What Age Can a Child Decide which Parent to Live with?

Children in a divorce face uncertainties and fears that are all the more challenging because they have virtually no power. As minors, they are accustomed to having their parents make choices on their behalf. Unless abuse exists in the home, however, few children feel that a divorce is in their best … [Read more...]

Premarital and Postmarital Agreements

Many couples do not wish to consider the possibility that their marriage may end in divorce. Such thinking is sometimes even considered to be self-fulfilling. However, divorce is the unfortunate reality for about half of all marriages today, and it is important for the parties in a union to protect … [Read more...]

Special Needs Children in a Divorce

Divorce is very hard on children, even when there is not a high degree of contentiousness between the parents. For special needs children, the trauma is generally much greater, and it is incumbent upon divorcing parents to work with each other. A College Station divorce attorney can help you find … [Read more...]

Deciding whether Sole Custody and Joint Custody Is Better for the Children

When a couple divorces, they must decide upon which living arrangement is in the best interests of the children. The two basic arrangements are sole and joint custody, and whether one or the other is appropriate for a given circumstance depends on certain factors. Bryan family attorneys will work … [Read more...]

Protecting a Family Heirloom in a Divorce

When property is separated for the purposes of a divorce in Texas, generally anything that was acquired during the marriage is considered to be jointly owned, or community property. The matter of heirlooms can be a particularly sensitive matter. The following are some suggestions for protecting a … [Read more...]