Selling Your Franchise Business

Selling a franchise business differs from other types of businesses because of the special relationship you have with the parent company. It is a good idea to work with Bryan business attorneys when selling your franchise to ensure that you don’t erroneously break any of the terms of your franchise … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Good Financial Partner

It is important to use care when selecting a financial partner. It is not always wise to begin a business together with someone simply because of a long-term friendship, and indeed such arrangements can often strain or break such relationships. Your Bryan business lawyer can help you choose a good … [Read more...]

Classifying Marital Property

The division of assets is often among the most contentious issues in a divorce. In a best case scenario both parties agree to a fair and reasonable division of the property, but more often than not there is considerable disagreement on at least some of the assets. It is essential that you have a … [Read more...]

Buyer Due Diligence

The decision to purchase another business should be made carefully. Due diligence is the process of reviewing the underlying processes that inform the seller’s methods of conducting business. It is, then, a way of ensuring that your purchase is in your best interests. It is generally wise to work … [Read more...]

Family Owned Businesses

The family business often fails after the retirement or death of the founder. Numerous factors account for this, but it is essential that when making your estate plans you and your College Station estate lawyer include a process for maintaining the business successfully into the next … [Read more...]

Workers’ Compensation and the Small Business

If yours is a small business operating in Texas, you may be of the assumption that you do not need to carry workers’ compensation insurance. While this is to some extent true, you need to tread lightly, for you can find yourself in legal difficulties otherwise. It is always a good idea to speak with … [Read more...]

Dealing with Negative Net Worth in a Business

  Whether yours is a partnership, limited liability company, sole proprietorship or corporation, the notion of having indebtedness that is greater than your assets can be very disturbing. However, with the work of a College Station business attorney you may well find yourself able to manage … [Read more...]

Do LLCs Have Corporate Formalities?

One of the attractions of limited liability corporations is that they are less rigid and formal than their corporate counterparts. That said, there are certain formalities to which the LLC must adhere in order not to be brought into question by the SEC. It is important in all situations where you … [Read more...]

Getting Out of a Contract

Because a contract is a legally binding instrument, by design you aren’t allowed to simply walk away from one without penalty. However, there are exceptions to this, but it is in your best interests to work with a College Station  business lawyer if you decide to break a contract.   The … [Read more...]

Financial Covenants

Covenants are promises made between the business and the bank in a loan provided by the latter. When you negotiate a loan with a lending institution, the loan agreement will include both affirmative and restrictive financial covenants. It will be useful for you to work with a College Station … [Read more...]